A Coach's Rant

crazy coach rant

Why me? Why Coach Liz? Why LEFPT? What’s different?

A little about me.

I am Coach Liz, and as I mentioned earlier, I own a gym.  I coach people on how to improve their physical health and wellness through nutrition and weight training.  I am over 50 years old (let's just leave it at that, I've been around a little so I have a lot to say about stuff) and I have been married for 25 years.  I have 3 children that are mostly grown up.  I have been coaching for 16 years and self employed for over 10.  I do have a college degree from a big fancy university and a slew of training and nutrition certifications as well.  I grew up on a 150 acre farm, and never set foot in a gym until I was in college. I am ADHD/ neuro divergent and I grew up constantly in motion… horseback riding, playing field hockey in high school, snow skiing, running, swimming, road cycling and mountain biking.  I am a busy person.. Physically, mentally and occupationally.  My superpower is being able to see the authentic version of you even when you can’t… the true you that is beautiful and perfect in every way.

Why is being AUTHENTIC to yourself important?

So why are your results not permanent or longer lasting?  For some of you, you pick a plan that sounds too good to be true only to wind up 90 days later or 1 week later with little or no results.  Why are some people successful with their diets and fitness plans while others or not?  Is it because they have happened across the holy grail of secrets when it comes to physical training or nutrition?  Nope.  Literally everything out there works. It just doesn’t work PERMANENTLY.

BE ACCOUNTABLE... Show UP for yourself…. (no one else matters but you).

Time. Possibly the number one (presumed) reason why you haven’t been successful so far.  You don't have very much time.  My job starts early.  Kids have many after school obligations that require me to bus them around, attend or participate in some way. There is no time to cook, shop for groceries.  JUST tell me what and WHEN to eat! Just tell me what I can do (hopefully at home) because I can’t make it into the gym. Prepared meals cost TOO much money, I need something cheaper.  Personal training is TOO expensive… just write me a plan that I can follow on my own.

This is ALL the stupid shit I hear from people everyday (and yes, I say the SAME stupid shit, too) because I am human, and I am busy, and doing the right thing is uncomfortable, hard to do, and that doesn’t match me or my plan!

You blamed the plan

You blamed to process

You blamed the coach

You blamed the gym or the equipment

You blamed your family

You blamed everyone BUT yourself… and how many fitness or health systems out there are out there TELLING you, it's NOT your fault … you didn’t know.  You DID know!!

It IS your fault, but not because you are bad or wrong or shameful or ugly or fat or incompetent or lazy or stupid or crazy… you are not ONE of those things (even if secretly you are telling yourself that you are).

IT is 100% OK to blame yourself (in fact you NEED to blame yourself) but name calling is NOT blaming.  It may sound like blame.  Name calling is cruel.  Blaming is NOT cruel.

You are worthy of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and you are going to have to be BRAVE to get to where you want to go.

BE KIND and COMPASSIONATE to yourself… stop punishing yourself, going after what you want is a REWARD!  You DESERVE to be rewarded and to reward yourself.

The all or nothing attitude does not help.  It does not work.  And the story you tell yourself is, “I am an all or nothing person.  It's just who I am.”   But that's a STORY and even if it feels like a fact, it’s only a perception.  It's a safety net.

Let that sink in… IT’S a SAFETY f#&king NET!!!  It saves you from seeing anything to completion because if the end result in YOUR eyes is not perfect, then there is no reason to start.

Yeah, I am either all in or forget it… I’m either ON that diet, or I am NOT.  I’m either training 7 days a week or it's off.  And because it's probably going to be SO hard to be that perfect, I'll just wait until Monday or next week, or next bikini season to start… my diet, my exercise routine.

Gyms don't care about you!!!  They are NOT in the health and wellness industry!!! They are in the contract management industry!!!

YOU should care about you, though.  I care about you, but I don’t matter either.

You need SUPPORT… Find a community that supports you. Find your own f#&king community.  Find your people.  Who are your people? Do you even know? Don't join my gym because you think I care about you.  I do, but that doesn’t matter. Join my gym because my community is where you feel supported. This whole, “I'm independent” bullshit is a farce.  No one is f&$#king independent in this world.  We would cease to exist if we were truly all alone.  Just ask the dinosaurs, or any other extinct creature for that matter.  We need each other but we definitely don’t need everyone.  JUST the ones that share our desire for a specific goal.  Mutually NOT reciprocity.  Mutuality means you are doing things that you see fit to meet a goal, where reciprocity is more like quid pro quo… doing something to get something in return.  Mutuality is when you would do it anyway, but by doing so it moves you closer to your goal.  This is a fancy way of saying it, so that it doesn’t feel like a JOB.  Trust me, if you treat it like a JOB… pretty soon, you will be negotiating for higher pay and better benefits. If it's mutual, you will want to continue doing it ‘just cuz you like it, it makes you feel good, it makes you happy.  Um, sign me up for the choice to do it when it makes me happy and NOT when it doesn’t!

If I don’t go to workout, I am going to get fat. NOT TRUE, you will get fat because you stop making appropriate decisions about your nutrition.

If I don't have a killer body, I won’t fit in.  NOT TRUE, you already don't fit in, these are NOT your people.  Go find your people. Be brave.  YOU ARE worthy of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

If I get up too early in the morning, I will be too tired to make it through my day.  NOT TRUE, you will be tired because you chose staying up late to binge watch NETFLIX or scroll IG, or made very poor choices for fueling yourself properly by over consuming coffee and eating fast food, cause you didn’t make time to cook.

I can’t afford a fancy gym membership or ANY gym membership for that matter and hence I can’t workout because I have no place to train.  NOT TRUE, you buy Starbucks every morning, and eat out every lunch because you don't have time to cook and shop for groceries.  So, you wind up eating overpriced, unhealthy food which doesn’t fuel you properly and leaves you feeling tired and depressed every day, so you have a hard time waking up each morning MUCH LESS get up early to train.

STOP making excuses and start showing up for yourself.  There is no need to be afraid, because this process is going to be designed specifically for you… what you are WILLING to do, WHAT you are ABLE to do… (until you are ready for more) We will continue to “lay bricks” until that foundation is completely built and solid!  From that, YOU can build whatever your heart desires!!!