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Hear what our clients love about LEFPT!
Evan Jaynes
June 13, 2023
What's To Love

It’s great to hear about all the benefits you can get from a training program or nutrition plan, but how are you supposed to know it’s legit? Of course, you want some proof to help ease your mind and ensure that an investment in LEFPT is an investment in yourself.

I sat down and talked with a client, Kaye Jaynes, who’s been training with Coach Liz for over a year now. When beginning her journey, she had goals of getting stronger for mountain biking and learning basic Olympic lifting techniques. As time went on, she began to notice her work as a massage therapist became much easier because her upper body strength was improving. Now she can work longer and more often without getting as fatigued, a perk from her fitness journey that she hadn’t even thought about when she started. After weight training consistently for more than twelve months, she notices the biggest difference in posture and the disappearance of chronic shoulder pain.

When talking about the workouts themselves, Kaye said the main thing that stood out to her was Coach Liz’s attention to detail when instructing how to perform an exercise. Each time a new workout is introduced, an explanation of exactly how to do it and why it was included in your training plan was provided. Another notable highlight was the good energy she feels in the small group sessions. Despite the fact that it’s early in the morning, she looks forward to going in and being motivated by her peers as they each progress toward their individual goals. She says working with the group also helps her structure her workouts and ensure she gets the proper recovery between sets.

Every day she goes in, Liz is always upbeat and ready to go. It’s obvious that she cares about all of her clients’ lives - checking in on their weekend plans and always monitoring their health when it comes to diet and proper sleep. She takes this information into account, along with what she sees on each particular day, and will adjust workouts to cater to your needs on a specific day - whether you’ve been sick or you’re extra sore from a long weekend hike.   

No matter how big or small your goals are or your reasoning for wanting to train, the community here at LEFPT is welcoming and excited to support each new member in their journey.

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